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Mean People

Mean People

There are Mean People in the world
Who had bad lives when they were boys and girls.
So they grew up meaner day by day
But they don’t always mean just what they say.

Sometimes they are just jealous because they can’t do
Stuff, like drawing pictures like an Artist drew.
And some people who can’t write Poetry
Will say bad things out of Jealousy.

They like to call you bad names and cuss a lot.
Because they are envious of what you got.
They think if they call you a bad enough Name.
It will stop you in your search for Fame.

But what you have to try to do,
Is have the courage to soldier through.
And never let “I surrender”  pass your lips,
No matter how many rejection slips.

Remember these Mean People have something to hide.
It is the Jealousy bottled up inside.
That is why they try to hurt you.
But never let your strength dessert you!

What these Mean People really mean,
Is they want you to stop playing your Tambourine
And stop “dancing beneath the Diamond Sky
With one hand waving free” and just sit down instead and cry.

No.  They just want you to tear up your Tambourine and stop.
And never make it to the top.
And tear up any other musical instruments you have, too.
Because they are not able to do what you do.

It’s important you don’t let them win.
Because you can’t go home again.
Even if you still live there rent free,
It just wouldn’t be the same, you see.

I slept late today. It was a busy night last night with customers in and out all night long.  But, I still managed to get most of this written then. You just have to learn to overlook mean people. A lot of times there are reasons why they are mean and say bad things to you and call you names. Sometimes it is just that “green-eyed monster” JEALOUSY!

Not everybody is called to be a Poet.  Everybody has different “schticks” or talents. (I had that word in one of my poems.) Some people are called to be Artists.  Others are called to be Singers and Musicians. What the mean people don’t realize is that we people who get called, have to follow or else we are not happy. On the outside I may just be a clerk  at the all-night gas station and sell Tomato Juice and beer to people with hangovers.

But, on the inside, I am a Poet. Part of this poem came from Bob Dylan’s song about Play Mr. Tambourine Man. The part about dancing around on the beach always reminded me of  those stupid 1960 surfing movies you see on television where everybody danced on the beach and had a good time. I guess Bob Dylan liked them too.

  1. JBean
    March 15, 2010 at 4:02 am

    The poem requires interpretative phenomenological analysis.

    • March 15, 2010 at 3:55 pm

      Thank you for reading my Poetry and saying nice things unlike some other people who I just can’t seem to please. I did a new Poem about Tarps.

  2. March 15, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I will not say mean things back to you. I do not know what you are talking about. The website people spell check everything and if you mess up a word then this little red line shows up under them.

    Maybe you should just relax some and let the Poetry fill up your senses like a night in the forest. That comes from the John Denver song about country roads I think. Maybe another one. I am not sure.

    This website is not supposed to make you mad. Poetry is supposed to make you think and feel good, unless the Poet is trying to make you cry like that dead dog English poem that is real sad. Or sometimes Poets try to make you feel other things.

    I don’t think I am writing any “Make People Real Mad” poems.

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