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I’m sitting at my windowsill
It overlooks the parking lot.
And down below are Cars and Boats.
Some ‘neath Tarps, and some are not.

The Cars beneath the Tarps it seems,
Are lonely, lost abandoned Cars.
The Tarp’ed Boats have lost their dreams
They can not sail beneath the Stars.

The other Cars, the un-Tarped ones
Are lucky cars, they get to run
Up and down the Highway there.
Frisking in the Sunlight fair.

The other Boats are lucky, too.
In docks somewhere awaiting Crew.
Or maybe on the Sea itself,
Not sitting home upon a shelf.

So I sit here like the Boats and Cars.
All covered up, and not out at bars.
Not getting drunk and having fun.
I doubt that I’m the only one.

Times like this it makes you wonder.
Is all this a real big blunder?
One day, will I regret “What Could Have Been. . .?
I need to go find a bar with a Karaoke machine.

This Poem might seem a little whimsical but it is full of deep meaning.  I have heard a lot about Tarps on TV where it has to do with Wall Street money and the government paying bills for them. I was sitting at my windowsill, just like it says in the poem, when I noticed the cars and boats in the parking lot below that had covers over them. They were parked in their little spaces and most of the other cars and boats were gone to work or other places.

So, I got to thinking how lonely these cars and boats would feel if they were people.  This is how Poetry works. This is the kind of stuff that just comes naturally to us Poets. Do not be ashamed if you can’t do this. God has given you other talents. And above all, don’t let this turn you into a mean person, or if you are already a mean person, a really meaner person. Just try to find out what your “schtick” or talent is. Maybe you are a musician. Or can write books. Or short stories.

I can not afford to go out much. If I have a girlfriend, then I can go out more often because we usually end up living together.  (Girls love Poets and other Artists!)  That leaves more money for fun. I like to go sing at the Karaoke bar. I like just sitting there and watching the words on the screen. If you don’t listen to the singer, it is like reading Poetry on some songs. But give me a few drinks and I am up there embarrassing myself.  For some reason, Islands in the Stream is real hard to sing when you have been drinking.  But I digress!

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  1. March 15, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    a great post and a great poem; thanks.

  2. March 15, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Thank you. You are the third person to comment. I was beginning to worry no one else would show up.

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