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Other Things in the Parking Lot (or Tarps, Part 2)

Other Things in the Parking Lot

There are other things in the Parking Lot
Besides cars and boats, whether tarp’ed or not.
Over to the left I see a dumpster in my mind
And a big tree with leaves, though I am not sure what kind.

People might think this is not worth looking at,
But I bet I can change your mind about that.
You see, up in the tree are squirrels and birds, way up high
And down on the ground is a stray cat who is very sly.

Now as for the dumpster, it doesn’t have a lid.
Maybe Waste Management should have put one on it, but they never did.
And I’m glad they didn’t or I wouldn’t get to see
The Battle of the Dumpster and the Unnam’ed Tree.

People walk to the dumpster and put their trash in it.
Then the cat and the squirrels and the birds try to win it.
The cat gets there first and opens up the sacks
Then here come the squirrels like kleptomaniacs.

The birds are the last to get to the feast
But that is all right since their needs are the least.
They can fly far and wide to another place
While the cat and the squirrels are kind of stuck in this place.

Most of us are like the squirrels and the cat.
We are stuck in one place and there isn’t much we can do about that.
So we fight over stuff that gets thrown out today.
And wish like the birds we could just fly away.

So there I was, sitting at my windowsill.  That was yesterday. I wrote about some of the things I saw.  The cars and boats.  But, to a Poet,  sometimes a parking lot is not just a parking lot. It is surprising what you see if you take the time to look.One day, I will tell you more about the animals. And us.

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