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The Radio and Other Nuisances

The Radio and Other Nuisances

Listening to songs on the radio
Can be fun, but sometimes, you know
I wish the guys on the commercials would just shut up.
They get on my nerves when they interrupt.

There you are listening to “Lightning Bar”
And some person ruins the mood trying to sell a used Car.
When you are still feeling  “I just want to drink my Ripple Wine”
Here they come with an ‘86 Cavalier for nine-ninety nine.

And for some reason they always have to yell
Like for some reason they couldn’t just tell
You in a way that doesn’t cause you stress.
But I guess they would make a few dollars less.

So here they come screaming
While you lay there dreaming.
So you turn back down what they amplify,
And go back to sleep, or at least you try.

And then about the time you finally start to doze,
Somebody honks a horn, Goodness Knows!
This is starting to get irritating, so. . .
You turn  back up the Radio. . .

And this time Bob Dylan is singing “Tambourine Man.”
So off you head to Sleepy-bye Land.
When as sure as a wino will head for the Booze
Somebody starts yelling to sell you some Shoes.

So you grab the pillow and put it over your Head.
And try to snuggle down deep in your Bed.
And just when you think you have some Serenity.
A Mexican telemarketer calls to sell you a Car Repair Warranty.

When you work the night shift, you have extra problems most people don’t have. You have to sleep during part of the day and the hustle and bustle outside can get loud sometimes. So, if your CD player doesn’t work, and your spray can of air is out, you turn on the Radio to cover up all the outside noise. If can be frustrating sometimes, but if you are a Poet, you learn that this isn’t “lemons.”  It just another opportunity to make “lemonade.”

  1. Maria
    March 26, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    You could turn of the electrical devices that disturb your sleep. No artist needs to suffer this much!

    I stay with my sister when I visit home, and she has her radio on all night. I sneak into her room and turn it right down, but at about 3 in the morning she turns it up again. What’s going on there?

    Mmmmm…maybe she’s a secret poet!

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