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Geronimo the Indian

Geronimo the Indian

Geronimo was an Indian
Who lived on the reservation
Until he got mad at the “White Man.”
So he left and started his own nation.

Actually, before this happened
On March 6, 1858.
Four hundred Mexican soldiers
His family and home did lacerate.

So Geronimo and some other Indians
Went after the Mexican troops.
And when they found them
They killed them with a lot war whoops.

This is how Goyaklah got his name
After they killed his wife.
The Mexicans prayed to “Jeronimo”
As he was scalping them with his knife.

“Jeronimo” was how the Mexicans
Prayed to St. Jerome.
To which the Mexicans wouldn’t have had to pray
If they hadn’t tore up Geronimo’s home.

Some of the other Apaches
Thought Geronimo was magic.
And that bullets wouldn’t hurt him,
But he still got shot which was tragic.

Geronimo fought Mexicans and Americans
Between 1858 and 1886.
They had a hard time catching him
He had so many tricks.

So Gen. Nelson A. Miles thought
Captain Lawton would do just fine.
And Captain Lawton finally caught him
In late summer on September 9.

Geronimo may have surrendered
Or then again, maybe not.
It has been so long now
Everybody has forgot.

Geronimo got famous
He went to the 1904 World’s Fair.
He even rode a Ferris Wheel
But he couldn’t stay on his mare.

It was in February 1909
When he fell off of his horse.
They thought he might get better.
But he didn’t. He got worse.

Some people think he got buried
In a cemetery at Ft. Sill.
Other people think some guys from Yale
Snuck in and his bones did steal.

In 1940 some Army paratrooper
Watched the movie “Geronimo”
When he jumped off a cliff
And hollered his name, so it became their motto.

Geronimo the Indian
Had a long and colorful life.
Which probably would not have happened
If the Mexicans hadn’t killed his wife.

This is my first attempt to do Epic Poetry. Epic Poems are long ones about epic people and things. I don’t think anybody has ever dedicated an Epic Poem to Geronimo the Indian before which is strange because Indians were the first Native Americans.  This poem would not have been possible without wikipedia which has a whole story about Geronimo. This kept me from having to go to the library to get all these facts. Poets back then had to work a lot harder than Modern Poets.

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  1. JBean
    March 26, 2010 at 4:12 am

    Ooo, this poem has everything: indians, calvary, killing, scalping, shooting,international conflict, World’s Fair, horses, paratroopers, Ivy League school, a movie and action.

    But the only woman in it is dead.

    Can we find in the subtext an adherence to a rigid patriarchal system by the male author? Discuss.

  2. March 26, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    “Ooo, this poem has everything: indians, calvary, killing, scalping, shooting,international conflict, World’s Fair, horses, paratroopers, Ivy League school, a movie and action.”

    Yes! This is why it is an Epic Poem! It was fun to write. Geronimo had lots of wives, it says so in wikipedia. I just didn’t put the live ones in there.

  3. Poetry Critic
    April 26, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    OH MY GOD! This poem really SUCKS, too. I thought the first one was awful, but you have BLAZED NEW FRONTIERS IN AWFUL! If you lived in California like I do, people would throw eggs and rotten vegetables at you! They would lock you up in the NUT HOUSE!

    This poem is really shitty! I am a real Poetry Critic, and I am going to use your poems to teach people how NOT to write poetry! I will be reading the rest of your poop as I have time, and I will be sure to let you know what I think of it, WHICH IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE PURE CRAP!

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