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$9.00 An Hour

$9.00 An Hour

Nine dollars an hour
Is not that great a rate.
You barely make your monthly rent
You can’t afford to date.

At nine dollars an hour
You hope your car don’t break.
If it does, you’re walking.
Or the bus you’ll have to take.

At nine dollars an hour
Being sick you can’t afford.
You have to get a doctor’s excuse
The boss won’t take your word.

And you can’t afford the doctor
Or even the emergency room.
So even with a fever,
You just keep “pushing broom.”

Your canned good are generic.
Your “Brand Name” watch is phony.
Steak? You’d best forget about it
Learn to love baloney.

And if you have a girlfriend,
The only way to have fun.
Is to live together and hope
Two can live cheaper than one.

But if your girlfriend has a job
And you can split the rent.
Then you save a little money
And not spend every cent.

So maybe nine dollars an hour
Has a benefit or two
If an underpaid pretty girl
Needs to move in with you.

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