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Fighting Sheriff Joe

Fighting Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe is the toughest sheriff
From way out there in the  “Way Out West.”
And of all the Great Sheriffs of tongue and pen
I think that he’s the best!

Much greater than Marshal Dillon
And much braver than Earp, Wyatt.
What, investigate a President?
Well, none of them would try it!

Pat Garrett? He’s very famous
For chasing down “Billy The Kid.”
But outside of shotgunning him down,
Just name something else that he did!

I bet you can’t. And Bill Hickok
And Sheriff Bat Masterson, too.
They may have had their TV shows
But what else did they ever do?

The critics may disrespect him,
But Sheriff Joe doesn’t care.
He even makes the tough inmates
Dress up in pink underwear.

When sneaky Mexicans swim over
Across the Wide Rio Grande,
He goes out and rounds them up
With his brave Posse band.

The common people all love him
But the politicians don’t.
Because he does whole lots of things
That the other sheriffs won’t.

He has a lot of Special Posses
And mostly they ride in cars
Except for a few on horseback,
But each of them has Stars.

Which means that they can legally
Go out and investigate,
Phony pictures like Obama’s
Alleged Birth Certificate.

Which the nation has not seen yet,
So that they can touch and feel.
So nobody really knows for sure
If the stupid thing is real.

But assuming that it isn’t
Which a lot of people wish.
Just what could it hurt anyone
To see the microfiche?

So Fighting Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Raised a great big hue and a cry,
And called the Cold Case Posse out
To go give it a try.

And they called in Jerry Corsi
For to lend a helping hand,
In returning the U.S. Constitution
To what is Your Land and My Land!

From California to the New York Island.
Where Corsi had already done
Most of the heavy lifting.
But the job still wasn’t fun.

It took them six long grueling months
Of hard computer hacking,
To tear apart the image layers
And see what it was lacking.

But they did it! And then they found
That this was no Earthly Scan
Which had created that image,
So, Sheriff Joe had got his man!

So, will there be a big shootout
Like they have at O.K. Corrals?
The Secret Service Agents
Versus Sheriff Joe and pals?

I bet there won’t and probably
This will all wind up in court.
But all of us should show up there
To give Sheriff Joe support.

Then one day when Sheriff Joe
Rides off into that Final Sunset,
With his Big Iron on his hip,
We will all owe him a debt.

Someone emailed me and asked me to write this poem as a favor to them. This is the first poem I have published in a while and it was fun to exercise my talents again. She made me promise to write at least one poem every two weeks and promised to put a link on her website if I did. How nice it is to see one’s art be in demand.

  1. March 19, 2012 at 12:41 am

    Thank you for writing this Charles. You outdid yourself!!! I really love the “no Earthly Scan” line. Kudos!!! Tomorrow, you should go and post this on the Sheriff Joe supporters page which you can find here:


    I am sure they will all love it!!! I may even take the liberty to post this at a few places, too. OH, it is sooo good!!! I think that you have captured the very essence of the Sheriff Joe Supporters!!!

    Plus, you need to go back on your poems and use the “Tag” function. That way people can find your work easier. You only need to put maybe 5 or 6 “Tags” on each poem, and search engines will find them for people and guide them to your wonderful poetry spot.

    Thank you again!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. March 19, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Stunning. Simply stunning.

  3. Lena
    July 14, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    You write stupid poem no better than Obama forge documents. Both are garbage. You must be stupid and brain dead obot. Arpaio is complete fraud and complicit with Obama thugs who cover up his garbage birth certificate forgery and his stolen SS number from dead man.

    If Arpaio had integrity, he would put cuffs on Obama and put him in tent in dessert. Marshall Dillon always arrest crooks without make believe “posse.” Only coward need “posse” to go after crook.

    Obots say that you take $20 to write “poems” that have not one word of truth. Maybe, phoney sheriff Arpaio take $20 from millions he took from fools to indict Obama, and give to you make excuses why he will not deliver.

    Dr. Orly Taitz has millions of supporters and they not need bribery to support her. They all know that she is fighting against corrupt judges and congress to make obama account for crimes and treason. She will not pay you money to write “ode.”

    ps: did you split $20 with other stupid obot, Squieky?

    ps again: I give you fifty cents to write poem exposing Obama’s stolen SS number, the explosive evidence that Orly Taitz is bring forth against the foreign usuper, but Arpaio/Zullo will not touch.

  4. July 14, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    I wrote this poem for free for a friend and fellow poet named Squeeky. I promised her to write more.

  5. Monkey Boy
    July 14, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    At that big coffeehouse in the sky, Sandburg, Frost and Longfellow are quaking in their sandals, and passing bricks in their stools. They are reading the writing on the wall and know that they are being supplanted.

    All hail Charles, heir-apparent to Longfellow as America’s pre-eminent epic poet! In the years to come, American Third-Graders will read about Sheriff Joe instead of Paul Revere.

    In a modest way, I am no mean wordsmith myself, but I bow in awe to you.

    And, don’t listen to mean-spirited Lena who is a cheapskate and a Phillistine.

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