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Fighting Sheriff Joe

March 18, 2012 6 comments

Fighting Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe is the toughest sheriff
From way out there in the  “Way Out West.”
And of all the Great Sheriffs of tongue and pen
I think that he’s the best!

Much greater than Marshal Dillon
And much braver than Earp, Wyatt.
What, investigate a President?
Well, none of them would try it!

Pat Garrett? He’s very famous
For chasing down “Billy The Kid.”
But outside of shotgunning him down,
Just name something else that he did!

I bet you can’t. And Bill Hickok
And Sheriff Bat Masterson, too.
They may have had their TV shows
But what else did they ever do?

The critics may disrespect him,
But Sheriff Joe doesn’t care.
He even makes the tough inmates
Dress up in pink underwear.

When sneaky Mexicans swim over
Across the Wide Rio Grande,
He goes out and rounds them up
With his brave Posse band.

The common people all love him
But the politicians don’t.
Because he does whole lots of things
That the other sheriffs won’t.

He has a lot of Special Posses
And mostly they ride in cars
Except for a few on horseback,
But each of them has Stars.

Which means that they can legally
Go out and investigate,
Phony pictures like Obama’s
Alleged Birth Certificate.

Which the nation has not seen yet,
So that they can touch and feel.
So nobody really knows for sure
If the stupid thing is real.

But assuming that it isn’t
Which a lot of people wish.
Just what could it hurt anyone
To see the microfiche?

So Fighting Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Raised a great big hue and a cry,
And called the Cold Case Posse out
To go give it a try.

And they called in Jerry Corsi
For to lend a helping hand,
In returning the U.S. Constitution
To what is Your Land and My Land!

From California to the New York Island.
Where Corsi had already done
Most of the heavy lifting.
But the job still wasn’t fun.

It took them six long grueling months
Of hard computer hacking,
To tear apart the image layers
And see what it was lacking.

But they did it! And then they found
That this was no Earthly Scan
Which had created that image,
So, Sheriff Joe had got his man!

So, will there be a big shootout
Like they have at O.K. Corrals?
The Secret Service Agents
Versus Sheriff Joe and pals?

I bet there won’t and probably
This will all wind up in court.
But all of us should show up there
To give Sheriff Joe support.

Then one day when Sheriff Joe
Rides off into that Final Sunset,
With his Big Iron on his hip,
We will all owe him a debt.

Someone emailed me and asked me to write this poem as a favor to them. This is the first poem I have published in a while and it was fun to exercise my talents again. She made me promise to write at least one poem every two weeks and promised to put a link on her website if I did. How nice it is to see one’s art be in demand.


Anthem of Liberty… A Tribute to Orly Taitz

March 12, 2010 19 comments

Anthem of Liberty . . . A Tribute to  Orly Taitz

Inspired by the Statue of Liberty

I am proud to be a Birther!
Obama is a big Usurper.
Our Lawyer is Orly Taitz,
We’ll take back the United States!

We fight for the Constitution.
So there won’t be a Revolution.
We fight for Mom and Apple Pie.
Even if the price of gas gets  high.

And we don’t think Obama will
Ever let us offshore drill.
Or up on the Alaskan slope.
Because he is a Marxist Dope!

We are your “poor and huddled masses”
Spread across all social classes.
Some drive trucks and some wait tables
And some of us are poets if we are able.

We can’t wait to salute the Flag!
Being Liberals is not our bag!
We can’t wait our Allegiance to Pledge
And we aren’t fools like they allege.

We are just “yearning to breathe free”
With air for you and air for me.
We are the “refuse on your teeming shore”
But you can’t refuse us anymore.

The Traitors say that we can’t win.
But we’ll come at them again and again.
For FREEDOM there are no substitutes.
If we have to file a million suits.

And in our hearts we know we’re right,
So we will never give up the fight.
Although we will never breach the peace,
Our Vigilance will never cease.

And like the Statue of Liberty
Orly Taitz stands there for you and me.
With Torch held high, you see the Flame!
That puts the other ones to shame.

So come you now, from across the Land.
Join up and lend a hand!
Butchers, and bakers, and candlestick makers
Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, and Quakers.

Farmers and doctors and office clerks, too.
There’s an awful lot that you can do.
Maybe with money, and maybe with time.
You shouldn’t be afraid to spend a dime.

For poets like me are working for free,
To secure the blessings of Liberty
For all the “hopeless and tempest tossed’
So that their Freedoms will not be lost!

This is one of the longest poems I have ever written. One of my customers at the convenience store suggested I turn my talents to Orly Taitz. I had never heard of her but I researched her on the internet.  She has had an uphill battle trying to get President Obama un-elected. There is much disagreement as to whether she is right or wrong.  But as a professional poet, it is my job to praise her,  not to bury her or to dig her back up. Whether you like her or not, you have to admit she is one hell of a fighter.

And when you keep losing, that is when the real spirit of a champion shines through.  I can relate to that. I have gotten enough rejection slips to bury me, but I just keep writing. So, in my role of poet, I have to put myself into her place and try to express the ideas of her Philosophy. Just as we honor men like Robert E. Lee,  because he was true to himself and fought hard, even if being a rebel was not looked kindly on by the “other side.”