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Thank God It’s Only Chlamydia!

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Thank God It’s Only Chlamydia!

Sometimes bad things happen
And you can’t blame no one.
Like when you have an STD.
Let me tell you, “It’s no fun!”

I won’t go into the symptoms
Because they are so gross.
Luckily we had the Internet
So the symptoms we could diagnose.

In a new relationship
It’s better to get a check
Down at the Free Clinic
But most don’t make the trek.

You just let nature take it course
And like Discovery Channel critters mate.
Then before you know it, it burns
When you both go urinate.

There is no need to blame each other
About from whom you got it.
Thank God it’s only Chlamydia!
Which is cured by an anti-biotic.

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