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Being “There” For You

March 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Being “There” For You

If you ever thank someone
Just for being “there”
Remember “there” is really “here”
Though most are unaware.

Maybe this idea sounds strange,
But think about it some.
Being “there” for you means
“Ring the bell” and I will come.

A person can’t be “there” for you
And still somehow be “gone.”
And when no one is “there” for you
You find yourself alone.

But if someone is “here” for you
It means that YOU must travel.
“There” and “here” are deep ideas
Someone has to unravel.

I guess it’s just like “left” and “right”
Are difficult directions.
Depending on which way you look
Like mirrors and refection.

In the mirror, left is right
Hold up your hand and see.
YOUR right hand’s the MIRROR’S left,
This is a mystery.

So if no one is “there” for you,
And you searched everywhere.
Maybe you should just look “here”
And find that I am “there.”

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